Welcome to the project website for 55 Morning Lane, outlining the proposals for this important site in Hackney.

Thank you to everyone who attended our drop-in sessions, held over five days in July 2019. These sessions were very much about getting the views of the local community on how you would like to see the ground floor of the site used. We are very grateful for the feedback received. We have provided a summary of this feedback below.

If you were not able to attend you can still provide feedback by emailing us 55MorningLane@londoncommunications.co.uk.


Sketch images showing proposed ground floor of the development.

Video showing the site and proposed development.

Public Consultation – July 2019

The public consultation in July 2019 consisted of a series of drop-in sessions providing people with the opportunity to meet the project team and provide ideas and feedback on the early concepts for the 55 Morning Lane site.

We had a good turnout, with 138 people attending over five days and providing feedback on a number of topics, including public spaces, transport, employment opportunities and retail.

Feedback Summary

Everyone who attended the drop-in sessions was able to provide their views on a range of topics relating to the site. Below is a summary of the answers and feedback we have received to date both at the consultation events and via email.

The best local feature

  • The people, social mix and diversity.
  • The heritage of St Johns’s Churchyard and St.Augustines Tower.
  • The vibrant arts and cultural offerings of Hackney Picture House, Hackney Empire and the Library

Public spaces

  • The area would benefit from improved pedestrian routes through the site, which will link Morning Lane with Bohemia Place.
  • The existing car park is busy and popular as the only ‘free car park’ in the area.
  • Widening the footpath on Morning Lane is welcomed by residents to improve safety.


  • There is a need for a mix of homes including affordable homes for young people, homes for young professionals and families.
  • Young people, low paid workers in Hackney need more housing options to give them the opportunity to remain in the borough.
  • How the design and heights of the emerging buildings will respond to the existing buildings in the local area.

Shopping, eating and drinking

  • Need for a mix of restaurants, bars and coffee shops, preferably facing onto the proposed public areas.
  • It is important that the Tesco store stays.
  • There are too many chicken shops and the area needs more healthy food options for residents.

Employment opportunities

  • The businesses at the ground floor level should provide job opportunities for young people.
  • There should be affordable workspace for local makers and crafts people.
  • More apprenticeships across all areas of employment and different levels from administrative to managerial should be available.

Next steps

The feedback we have received to date has been extremely valuable and has helped us as we continue to shape the proposals.

You can still tell us what you think by emailing us 55MorningLane@londoncommunications.co.uk. Also please do get in touch if you want to be kept informed about further public consultation.